About the Centre

The goal of the Centre is to develop new histories of the home, its contents and its representation. It pursues research into the changing appearance and layout of the rooms in a range of buildings, from tenements to palaces, the objects that furnished those rooms, the ways rooms and objects were depicted, the manner in which people used them, and how they thought about them.

At the heart of the research undertaken by the CSDI is a broad-ranging analytical survey of the ways in which Western interiors are represented. Part of this work involves the compilation of a database of visual and textual sources charting representations of the domestic interior in the West from 1400 to the present.
The accompanying CSDI book The Imagined Interior: Representations of the Domestic Interior since the Renaissance will form the definitive study of changing representations of the domestic interior in North America and Europe from 1400 to the present. It represents the work of Centre staff and many of the scholars associated with its programme of conferences and symposia.