On-line Register of PhD theses

Neil Armstrong
Email: nra102@york.ac.uk
Supervisor: Ted Royle, University of York
Thesis title: The intimacy of Christmas: festive celebration in England c.1750-1914
Presented a paper at the November 2002 Postgraduate Research Day ‘The Domestic Interior: 1600 to 1940’ on ‘Christmas and the domestic interior in the nineteenth century’

Tracey Avery
Email: t.avery@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au
Supervisors: Professor Philip Goad and Dr Julie Willis, University of Melbourne
Thesis title: Fashioning comfort and identity: furnishing Australian domestic interiors, 1880-1914

Matthew Barac
Email: mjwb2@cam.ac.uk
Supervisor: Peter Carl, Department of Architecture, Cambridge
Thesis title: From township to town: developmental urbanism in Victoria Mxenge TT
Presented a paper at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day ‘Domestic Designs’ on ‘Domesticating urban informality: imaging change in South Africa’s townships’

Dr Lee Beard
Email: lee@leebeard.freeserve.co.uk
Supervisor: Professor Christopher Green, Courtauld Institute of Art
Thesis title: ‘Modernist cell’ or ‘gentle nest’: Ben Nicholson, art, design and the modern interior 1924-29. PhD awarded 2003

Pippa Biltcliffe
Email: P.M.Bitcliffe@rhul.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Felix Driver, Royal Holloway, University of London
Thesis title: Collecting ‘art objects’ c.1860-1920: patronage, possession and place

Dr Ailsa Boyd
Email: P.M.Bitcliffe@rhul.ac.uk
Supervisors: Dorothy Macmillan and Paul Stirton, University of Glasgow
Thesis title: The representation of women in interiors in the art, literature and design of the late nineteenth century. PhD awarded 2003

Susan Bracken
Email: schbracken@btopenworld.com
Supervisor: Professor Maurice Howard, University of Sussex
Thesis title: Collectors and collecting in seventeenth-century England

Dr Sarah Cheang
Email: scheang@onetel.net.uk
Supervisor: Professor Craig Clunas, School of Oriental and African Studies
Thesis title: The ownership and collection of Chinese material culture by women in Britain, c.1850-1935. PhD awarded January 2004
Presented a paper at the November 2002 Postgraduate Research Day ‘The Domestic Interior: 1600 to 1940’ on ‘Modern woman and Chinese drawing rooms: femininity, soul and Chinese things in early twentieth-century Britain’.

Dr Quintin Colville
Email: quintin.colville@btinternet.com
Thesis title: The role of material culture in constructing the class related identities of male naval personnel, 1930-1960

Andreas Dahlem
Supervisor: Dr John Richards and Robert Gibbs, University of Glasgow
Thesis title: The conception of space in late Gothic and Renaissance Art

Dr Inge Maria Daniels
Research Fellow, AHRB Centre for the Study of the Domestic Interior, Royal College of Art
Email: inge.daniels@rca.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Daniel Miller, University College, London
Thesis title: The fame of Miyjima: spirituality, commodification and the tourist trade of souvenirs in Japan. PhD awarded October 2001

Sara Desvernine
Email: sdesvern@udel.edu
Supervisor: Dr Bernard Herman, University of Delaware
Thesis title: Havana: a study in interiors

Annie Edge
Email: ann.edge@blueyonder.co.uk
Supervisors: Professor Catherine McDermott, Kingston University and Eleanor John, Keeper of Collections, Geffrye Museum
Thesis title: The Documentation of the 21st Century Middle CLass London Home

Emma Ferry
Email: ketjm@supanet.com
Supervisor: Professor Penny Sparke, Kingston University
Thesis title: Macmillan’s ‘Art at Home Series’, 1876-83

Fredie Flore´
Email: fredie.flore@Ugent.be
Supervisor: Mil de Kooning, University of Ghent, Belgium
Thesis title: Modernity at home? An architectural history study on the mediation of models for modern living in post-war Belgium

Amanda Girling-Budd
Email: agbudd@blueyonder.co.uk
Supervisor: Dr Helen Clifford, independent scholar
Thesis title: Holland and Sons: a nineteenth-century furnishing firm and its clients, 1855-1885

Maria Goransdotter
Email: maria.goransdotter@histstud.umu.se
Supervisors: Dr Peder Aléx and Dr Lena Eskilsson, Department of Historical studies, Umeå University, Sweden.
Thesis title: A taste for modern life: interior decoration as a societal issue in Sweden, 1930-1955 (working title)

Fiona Hackney
Email: fiona@hackney20.fsnet.co.uk
Supervisor: Professor Sally Alexander, Goldsmith’s College, University of London
Thesis title: ‘They opened up a whole new world’: feminity, domesticity and modernity in British women’s magazines, 1919-1939
Presented a paper at the November 2002 Postgraduate Research Day ‘The Domestic Interior: 1600 to 1940’ on ‘"Show me her kitchen and I will tell you the manner of woman she is": representations and readings of domesticity in British mass market women’s magazines of the 1920s and 1930s’

Jane Hamlett
Email: j.hamlett@rhul.ac.uk
Thesis title: Gender and the domestic interior, 1850-1910
Presented a paper at the November 2002 Postgraduate Research Day ‘The Domestic Interior: 1600 to 1940’ on ‘What use is the photograph to the study of the domestic interior?’, and at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day ‘Domestic Designs’ on ‘"As a token of remembrance": the domestic object as bequest, 1850-1910’

Dr Catherine Horwood
Email: c.horwood@tiscali.co.uk
Thesis title: Keeping up appearances: clothes, class and culture 1918-1939. PhD awarded 2004
Presented a paper at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day ‘Domestic Designs’ on ‘From Spry to Pryke: domestic flower arranging 1960-2003’

Paula Hohti
Email: P.S.Hohti@sussex.ac.uk
Supervisor: Dr Evelyn Welch, Queen Mary, University of London
Thesis title: The material culture of artisans and workers in sixteenth-century Siena

Figen Isik Tuneri

Email: figen@arch.metu.edu.tr
Supervisor: Assoc. Professor, Dr Ayse Saktanber, Department of Sociology, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Thesis title: From teldolap* to refrigerator: understanding modern lifestyle in Turkey through the consumption of household technology products. (*‘teldolap’ is a Turkish name for a kitchen cupboard)
Presented a paper at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day ‘Domestic Designs’ on ‘Cold and closed: the refrigerator as the representation of self and the preservation of privacy in modern everyday life in Turkey’

Dr Amin Jaffer
Research Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL
Thesis title: Furniture in early British India 1750-1830. PhD awarded 1995

Dr Trevor Keeble
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University
Email: trevor.keeble@rca.ac.uk
Royal College of Art
Thesis title: The commodification and representation of the late Victorian domestic interior
Took part in the February 2003 CSDI Conference ‘The Modern Magazine and the Design of the Domestic Interior1880-1950’. PhD awarded x

Elizabeth Kramer
Email: elizabeth-_a_kramer@hotmail.com
Supervisor: Dr Helen Rees, Manchester University and Dr Jennifer Harris, Whitworth Art Gallery
Thesis title: Art, industry and design: Japanese and Anglo-Japanese textile culture in Victorian Britain, 1862-1900
Presented a paper at the November 2002 Postgraduate Research Day ‘The Domestic Interior: 1600 to 1940’ on ‘Passive objects or active agents? Japanese textiles and women in the Victorian home, 1870-1900’

Patricia Lara-Betancourt
Email: plara61@yahoo.co.uk
Supervisors: Professor Penny Sparke and Trevor Keeble, Kingston University
Thesis title: Visual and material culture of the middle-class home, London, 1890-1920

Grace Lees-Maffei
Faculty for the Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Hertfordshire
Email: g.lees-maffei@herts.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Tim Putnam, University of Portsmouth
Thesis title: Modern Living? Domestic Advice Literature and Design Discourse in Post-war Britain. PhD awarded 2005

Dr James Lindow
Email: jameslindow@hotmail.com
Thesis title: Magnificence and splendour: the palace in Renaissance Florence

Ann Matchette
Research Department, Victoria and Albert Museum
Email: a.matchette@vam.ac.uk
Supervisor: Dr Evelyn Welch, University of Sussex
Thesis title: Unbound possessions: The circulation of used goods in Florence, c.1450-1600

Harriet McKay
Email: harriet.mckay@rca.ac.uk
Supervisors: Professor Jeremy Aynsley and David Crowley, Royal College of Art
Thesis title: The home as gallery, relationships between modern art and the
domestic interior in the twentieth century. Publications include: Home Front Furniture: British Utility Design, Scolar Press 1991.
Presented a paper at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day ‘Domestic Designs’ on ‘Home or gallery? Setting up Kettle’s Yard in the 1960s’

Margaret A. Morse
Email: morsem@umd.edu
Supervisor: Dr Anthony Colantuono, University of Maryland, College Park
Thesis title: The Arts of Domestic Devotion in Renaissance Venice: The Case of Venice

Faredah Moshed Al-Murahhem
Email: fa8@bton.ac.uk
Supervisors: Professor John McKean and Dr Chris Mullen, University of Brighton
Thesis title: Behind a roshan: visualising the roshan as an architectural element in traditional domestic interiors

Eva Oledzka
Department of Prehistory and Europe, The British Museum
Email: eoledzka@thebritishmuseum.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Dr Barbara Scholkmann, Department of Medieval Archaeology, University of Tuebingen, Germany.
Thesis title: Representations of medieval domestic interiors and material culture in illuminated manuscripts and their archaeological significance

Charley Peters
Leeds College of Art
Email: charleyp@leeds-art.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Gen Doy, de Montfort University
Thesis title: Awake and dreaming, reality, order and fictions of the feminine

Dr Margaret Ponsonby
University of Wolverhampton
Email: M.Ponsonby@wlv.ac.uk
Supervisor: Dr Nancy Cox, University of Wolverhampton
Thesis title: Consumption of furniture and furnishings in the West Midlands using local suppliers 1760-1860. PhD awarded 2002

Sue Rasmussen
Email: sue.rasmussen@dsl.pipex.com
Supervisor: Professor Shearer West, University of Birmingham
Thesis title: Representations of the domestic interior in English painting 1740-1790

Harriet Riches
Email: Harriet.riches@dial.pipex.com
Supervisor: Professor Tamar Garb, University College, London
Thesis title: Skin, surface and subjectivity: the self-representational photography of Francesca Woodman
Presented a paper at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day ‘Domestic Designs’ on ‘Francesca Woodman’s ‘House’ series: photography’s haunted spaces’

Akiko Shimbo
Email: a.shimbo@rhul.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Penelope Corfield, Royal Holloway College, University of London
Thesis title: Victorian furniture, 1830-1860

Kendal Smalling Wood
Email: kendallswood@yahoo.com
Supervisor: Lynda Nead, Birkbeck College, University of London
Thesis title: Delicious anxieties of home: representing the ‘domestic’ in British art and material culture 1837-1870

Kathy Talbot
Email: kttoo@aber.ac.uk
Supervisor: Moira Vincentelli, School of Art, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Thesis title: The significance of hand-painted ceramics in the domestic context in Wales, in particular Llanelly pottery
Presented a paper at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day ‘Domestic Designs’ on ‘The significance of ceramic decorative wares in South Wales in the early twentieth century and today’

Clare Taylor
Art History, The Open University
E-mail: ct53@tutor.open.ac.uk
Supervisors: Dr Emma Baker and Gill Perry
Thesis title: The representation of the body in wallpapers and related schemes in Britain (c.1740-1850)

Sarah Teasley
Lecturer, Tokyo Gakugei University
E-mail: teasley@zag.att.ne.jp
Supervisor: Tanaka Jun, University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Thesis title: The national geographics of design: nation and modernity in Japanese domestic interiors 1915-1935

Els de Vos
Email: Els.devos@kuleuven.ac.be
Supervisor: Professor Dr Hilde Heynen and Professor Dr Leen van Molle, Catholic University of Leuven
Thesis title: In between architecture and the everyday. The translation of architectural ideas about living in Flanders (Belgium) in the late post-war period (working title)

Katie Walsh
Email: k.walsh@rhul.ac.uk
Supervisor: Dr Philip Crang, Department of Geography, Royal Holloway College, University of London
Thesis title: Expatriate belonging: domesticity, intimacy and foreigness

Joelle Wickens
Email: Joelle.Wickens@soton.ac.uk
Supervisor: Kathryn Gill, Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton
Thesis title: Past practice and current needs: the path to upholstery conservation in the future? (working title)

Gillian White
Email: Gillian.White@warwick.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Julian Gardner, University of Warwick
Thesis title: The nature and purpose of the original furnishings and decoration of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

Susan Wilson
Supervisor: Professor Stefan Muthesius (external) and Professor Tosho Watanabe, University of the Arts, London
Thesis title: The 'Swiss' cottage: a social space of nineteenth-century English material culture

Anthea Winterburn
Email: anthea@pinkelephant.co.uk
Director of Studies: Professor Penny Sparke, Kingston University. Supervisor: Trevor Keeble, Kingston University
Thesis title: An analysis of the relationship between Swedish and British domestic interior design, 1940-1955, with special reference to the bedroom or sleeping space

Josh Yiu
Email: josh.yiu@somerville.oxford.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Jessica Rawson
Thesis title: Displaying fragrant offerings: the deveopment and uses of the 'wugong' altar garniture in later imperial China
Presented a paper at the February 2004 Postgraduate Research Day 'Domestic Designs' on 'A European concept in Chinese guise: on the origin of the garniture de cheminee'