Inge Daniels (BA, MA, PhD) is a Research Fellow at the Centre. She is a social anthropologist, specializing in material culture studies, who is contributing to the focused study ‘Envisaging the Home: Contemporary Design and the Domestic’, an ethnographic project about the construction of the domestic in the UK. Her research interests include consumption practices in the home, the relationship between the souvenir and the gift, and the commodification of religious forms.
A grant from the Japanese Ministry of Education enabled Inge to continue her BA research in Japanese Studies. She lived and worked in Japan for five years and completed an MA about the role of religious commodities in contemporary Japan. For her PhD at the University College London she conducted a multi-sited ethnography which followed a famous souvenir as it moved through several trajectories from its production in factories, via sales in souvenir shops to its consumption in the home. Her work reaches important conclusions about the relationship between production, consumption and the design of goods. In 2001 she curated an exhibition called ‘Souvenirs in Contemporary Japan’ at the British Museum. She was a Visiting Tutor in Material Culture at UCL, and Tutor for the MA in History of Design and the Cultural and Historical Studies Department at the Royal College of Art. Prior to joining the Centre, Inge conducted an ethnography of design practices in a large technology company in London. She also received a post-doctoral research grant from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science to conduct a one-year ethnography of the material culture of contemporary Japanese homes. This research will result in a forthcoming publication.